Review: Beauty Spoon

Today’s review is of a funky new(ish) product called the Beauty Spoon.


What this is, is a flexible little spatula, small enough to fit inside small cosmetic containers. The purpose of the product is to save you money by allowing you to get product out of containers that you’d otherwise throw away for lack of being able to get to it. I’d heard this talked about a lot online so I ordered one. I got mine for $9.99 & free shipping from eBay. I’m fairly certain that the seller I purchased from is the creator of the tool.


Now onto the review. Do I recommend this product? Yes. I used the smaller of the two spatulas to scoop what was left (but unreachable) from inside my bottle of Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer. I placed the product into the tiny jar that the seller included with my order. Since then, I’ve gotten at least 15 more uses out of that jar & it’s still not empty. That’s pretty helpful when a product like my moisturizer costs around $15 a bottle.


If you’re like me & you use a lot of beauty products, you’ll get use out of this. It does exactly what it promises. It’s a neat concept. I’m glad I gave it a shot. Have you tried the Beauty Spoon yet? If you give it a try, be sure to let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Review: Beauty Spoon

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  2. I think it’s a great idea, just a little bit too pricey. However, it has given me an idea to use a drinks stirrer to get into those thin bottles.

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