Review: Boum Vanille & Sa Pomme D’Amour

I had no intentions of buying a new perfume today. However, I did buy one – One that I’d never even heard of before. It is called Vanille & Sa Pomme D’Amour from Boum by Jeanne Arthes.


I found this perfume on display with two other Boum by Jeanne Arthes perfumes at Walgreens. I wouldn’t have given them a second-look if it weren’t for the fact that each of them had a tester bottle on display. I’m drawn to perfume testers like moths to street lights. So, naturally, I sprayed all three. This one was perfect.

The scent is the kind of scent I prefer – sweet & a bit fruity. The box describes it as having notes of love apple, praline, apple, & vanilla. The apple & vanilla are both there. The scent is very much that of a candy apple. This scent reminds me of DKNY’s Be Delicious but much sweeter. It’s what I expected Britney Spears’s Circus Fantasy perfume to smell like (which it didn’t because it smelled like soap).

The best & most surprising thing about this perfume is the value. This huge 3.3 ounce bottle was only $9.99.

The worst part? It’s not a very attractive bottle. I think I’ll be placing this one at the very back of my perfume tray.


Bottle aside, this perfume smells GORGEOUS. I’m so glad I discovered it. I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it because it suits my “fragrance personality” very well. If you’re like me & you love sweet, sugary, cupcake kind of scents, you NEED this perfume. If you don’t have a nearby Walgreens, you can find this perfume on both eBay & Amazon. Let me know if you try it!


2 thoughts on “Review: Boum Vanille & Sa Pomme D’Amour

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  2. I laughed at that your are like a moth to a flame with perfume testers. I am quite intrigued with this particular one. Who doesn’t like to smell like candy? I wI’ll have to look around for this perfume 🙂

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