International Exchange (Australian Makeup & Snacks)

I am extremely blessed to have stumbled upon a great group of friends, here, online. Most of them are Australian. I found all of them through a gaming channel on YouTube, BarryDennen12, that I have been watching since I’ve been 18 years old. I got to know the two Australian guys who run the channel & several of their family members, as well as other fans of their channel. In particular, I got to know & become friends with their sister, Nancy. Nancy has her own following on the Internet, as she is an artist & singer & can be found on places such as Tumblr & DeviantArt. Many months ago, back before Easter, Nancy & I talked about how fun it would be to do an exchange. Since we both love makeup, we decided to send each other drugstore makeup from each other’s countries. Some brands overlap between the US & Australia like Revlon, Covergirl, & Maybelline so we both aimed to send each other things from brands that we couldn’t easily get on our own. Later we decided to also exchange snacks that were exclusive to one another’s countries too. I recently received my package from Nancy & was absolutely thrilled with everything I received. She was ridiculously generous. I’ve included photos of all that she sent me. I’ll post some reviews of the different makeup as I get a chance to use it all. If you want to see what I sent Nancy, you can check out her unboxing video here. I sent her some of my favorite eye shadows, blush, lip products, & brushes from brands such as Wet ‘n Wild, NYX, NYC, LA Colors, Color Workshop, Hard Candy, ELF, Jordana, & Jesse’s Girl. Many thanks to Nancy for doing this exchange with me. It was a fun & unique experience that I am so very grateful for. Now for the photos…













6 thoughts on “International Exchange (Australian Makeup & Snacks)

  1. This is such a great thing to do, so many things I can’t get here in the UK, there should totally be a beauty swappers society! I hope you enjoyed the curly wurly, my absolute favourite chocolate bar! The colour theory palettes look great too!xx

  2. Cool idea! I haven’t tried many Australian brands (or really, anything that isn’t also sold in America), so I think this would be a fun thing to do one day! I’d just have to make sure the swap was big enough to be worth it..

  3. This is such a cool idea! Very nice haul of snacks and Twinnings is one of my favorite teas. ^^ I know Vegemite is popular in Australia but have no idea how it tastes. The makeup palettes look like a nice assortment of colors too!

    x Carol

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