Review: Sleek Arabian Nights Palette (UK Brand)



If you’ve spent any time watching YouTubers from the UK or talking to girls from the UK who wear makeup, you’ve probably heard of the brand, Sleek. I recently placed an order on Amazon for the Sleek Arabian Nights palette. There were a lot of Sleek palettes available on Amazon but I chose this one because I loved the color scheme. The golds, blues, greens, & purples looked so vibrant & I instantly started imagining all the unique & bold looks I could make with these colors.

This palette shipped from the UK so it took about 2 weeks to arrive. The cost of the palette plus shipping was less than $15 which I thought was extremely reasonable. As for the quality of the palette, I’m on the fence. The texture of the shadows isn’t exactly creamy. They all require a bit of work to pick up on your brush. The pigmentation of the dark colors are quite impressive. Unfortunately, the two more wearable colors that I was extremely excited about were duds. The champagne & gold colors are literally clumpy in the pan.

I’ve included a close-up of those two colors in the pan so you can see what I mean. The champagne is pigmented when you pick it up with your finger. It’s a little harder to pick up with a brush. Once you get it on your eyelids, it’s difficult to blend. The gold isn’t pigmented at all. It’s goes on as patchy, powdery gold glitter with no actual color beneath the glitter. I’ve included swatches of just the champagne & gold in one photo & the rest of the palette swatched in another photo.

You can see from the photos that there is a big difference between that gold & champagne & the rest of the palette. My final verdict? This palette isn’t amazing. It’s mostly good. If you’re looking for some good gem tones, the blues, greens, & purples will get the job done for you. If you’re looking for a good gold & champagne, skip it. I plan to keep this palette for the gem tones. Will I be purchasing more Sleek eye shadow in the future?

I’ll probably give the brand one more go as there are a few other palettes on Amazon that look promising. Have you tried Sleek eye shadow before? Did you love it or hate it? Did I just get a bad palette? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this brand & your own experiences with it.

If you’re curious about this palette (or any other sleek palettes) & want to find out what they’re like for yourself, you can find them on Amazon, here.





3 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Arabian Nights Palette (UK Brand)

  1. I really love the color payoff BUT if the two lighter shades were a dud I’d pass. I’ve been so close to ordering some of their products. Their blush palettes look FAB!

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