Review: Coastal Scents “Revealed 2” Palette

Today I want to talk about a palette I bought a few months ago from the brand “Coastal Scents.” Coastal Scents is an online beauty retailer that is very well-known & well-liked in the online beauty community. I heard talk about the brand for years but never made a purchase until I started seeing the “Revealed 2” palette pop up in lots of YouTube videos.


Revealed 2 is the second palette of a set of palettes that are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The original Revealed palette contains colors reminiscent of the Naked 1 & 2 palettes. Since I already own Naked 1 & decided that I’m not interested in Naked 2, I have no need to own the original Revealed palette. I don’t, however own Naked 3, but love the color scheme in it. The Revealed 2 palette is a dupe for Naked 3, as it contains a color scheme full of pinks & rose golds. So of course, I jumped on the opportunity to try this palette.


The quality of most of these shadows is excellent. I’d dare say they’re almost as creamy & easy to work with as Urban Decay. This comes with one exception. If you look at my photo above, you’ll see that there is a pan of eye shadow missing from the palette. That particular shadow was a pink color that was so powdery, it was impossible to use. It was like trying to blend out powdered sugar on your eyelids. The shadow also flaked powder all over the rest of the palette so I pulled the pan out & threw it away to avoid making a mess of the other shadows. I’m not sure why that particular shade was so bad. However, I wouldn’t let it deter you from purchasing the rest of the palette. One bad shade out of twenty isn’t a deal breaker when a palette is this affordable. It retails for $20 on the Coastal Scents web site & on Amazon.


Here are a few swatches of some of the shades in this palette. I did not swatch them all for you as I have extremely pale skin & some of the shades weren’t easy to get a good photo of. Both the matte & metallic shades in this palette are good quality with good pigmentation, especially over primer. I definitely recommend this palette. Keep in mind that Coastal Scents often has sales on their web site so you could possibly get this palette even cheaper than $20. However, if you’d like to save some money on shipping, check Amazon. Regardless, it’s well-worth the price!

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