Diaper Rash Cream for Your Face? (Sudocrem as a Beauty Product)


Have you ever heard of Sudocrem? If you’re an American like myself, chances are, you have not. I only heard of it, recently, on an Australian forum about beauty products. Ladies were posting photos of themselves wearing it as an overnight facial mask & boasting about how amazing it was making their complexions. But don’t run out to Sephora looking for this stuff because you won’t find it. It is, in fact, a “nappy” rash cream. “Nappy” means diaper, for those who haven’t heard the term before. Yes, these lovely ladies were posting photos of diaper rash cream on their faces.

According to the Sudocrem website, “Sudocrem has been mum’s simple effective ally for over 80 years. We’re the market leaders in helping to soothe sore skin and treat nappy rash, Sudocrem products are used by millions of healthcare professionals, mums and dads everywhere.” So, why should you be interested in putting this stuff on your face? Even tho Sudocrem is predominately marketed as a diaper rash remedy, it also has other uses. These uses are listed on the bottle & include things like Dermatitis, abrasions, pressure sores, eczema, & acne.

Hearing this product mentioned by so many women had my curiosity piqued. The fact that Sudocrem claims to treat acne is what sold me on this product. I am always looking for new acne treatments. Lately, I have been looking for milder acne treatments. The fact that it is an antiseptic also sounded promising. I knew I had to get my hands on some.

If you’re in Australia, the UK, or several of the other countries that are listed on the Sudocrem web site, you can probably pick this up at your local grocery store or pharmacy. If you’re American, you’ll have to turn to Amazon or ebay. I picked mine up off of Amazon
for about $12 & free shipping. I think it’s well-worth the cost as the little bottle will surely last me a long time.

I have been using this cream for about 3 weeks as of the date of this blog post. I have used it both as an all-over face mask & as a spot treatment. In both methods, I apply the cream & leave it on overnight. It’s greasy & you’ll want to massage it into your skin & sit around letting it sink in a bit before your head hits your pillow. Don’t, however, let the greasy feeling scare you. This did not cause me to breakout, despite my already-oily, acne-prone skin.

The results of using this have been crazy (in a good way)! People are actually commenting on how good my complexion looks. I’ve barely had any new zits. The ones I had have healed. The acne scars I had are fading. My skin looks noticeably less red & irritated. I wish someone would have told me about this stuff years ago.

I think it goes without saying, I recommend you give this stuff a try, especially if you live in a country that sells it. If you do not, order some from Amazon. You may feel a little quirky applying diaper rash cream to your face, but you certainly won’t regret it.


8 thoughts on “Diaper Rash Cream for Your Face? (Sudocrem as a Beauty Product)

  1. Interesting! There are a lot of good baby products I use in an adult skincare/beauty routine. I use baby powder as shampoo, Dessetin on the corners of my mouth at night to prevent cracking, and lanolin as a nighttime lip balm a lot. 🙂 That’s not a bad price–I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!

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