Z Palette Review & De-potting Tutorial

If you’re a YouTube junkie like myself, you’ve probably heard of a Z Palette before. They’re extremely popular in the beauty community. For several years, I thought, “There is NO way I would destroy the original packaging of my makeup to put it inside of one of those things.” That is, until I got tired of shuffling around all of my little Wet ‘n Wild eye shadow palettes & realized I wasn’t using most of them because they were sitting on top of each other in a pile.


If you’re not familiar with Wet ‘n Wild, do yourself a favor & look into it. Wet ‘n Wild is an extremely affordable, American drugstore brand. The eye shadows are unbeatable when it comes to drugstore makeup. I have a lot of their Coloricon trios & 8-pan palettes. Some of the ones I own are limited edition & I’ve kept those in their original packaging. The ones that I de-potted to place in this Z Palette are the ones in the permanent line that you can still buy, as of today.

What is de-potting you ask? De-potting is when you remove the metal pan of makeup from their outer container to place them in another, larger container like a Z Palette. If you want to know more about de-potting there are numerous video tutorial on YouTube but I will give you a small, short tutorial so you have an idea of whether or not this is something you may like to do.

First, you want to remove any stickers, paper, or plastic labels off of the back of the packaging.


Then you will want to aim a lighter (I’d recommend a long-handled one) at the back of the palette, beneath the pan you will be popping out first. You want to aim for one pan at a time. You only need to hold the flame on the palette until the plastic begins to bubble. Then you can use any pointed tool like a small screw driver to gently poke through the melted plastic & pop the metal pan out. I recommend you do this entire part outside so that your house isn’t full of the smell of burnt plastic.


After you’ve popped out the individual pans, you’ll want to adhere magnets to the back of them. When you buy a Z Palette, it comes with magnets that have an adhesive side to stick to your pans. I don’t consider the adhesive to be strong enough so I’d recommend you use a hot glue gun instead.


After your magnets are attached to the pans, you can place them into the palette & arrange them any way you like.



Now that you have an idea of what the Z Palette is & how it is used, I will tell you my opinion on it & how you can get one. I do recommend these palettes. They’re sturdy & well-made with a magnetic closure that shuts tight so you know your makeup will be safe. The process of de-potting the makeup & placing it into the palette is a fun activity, in my opinion. It’s nice to have all of my small palettes condensed down into one large palette. This also allows me to see all of my colors at once so that I’m more-likely to use them & so that I can mix & match colors from different palettes. It’s extremely handy.

You can purchase Z Palettes on the Z Palette web site, however, I purchased mine on Amazon because it was slightly cheaper & I got free shipping. The palette I got is the large size which, I think, is the best value. I can’t imagine fitting very many shadows into the small or medium sized palettes. There are even extra large palettes too, I believe. So, just look around & purchase whatever is best for your needs.

You can purchase the same one from Amazon here: Z Palette Large Black

Have you heard of a Z Palette before? If not, are you interested in getting one & giving de-potting a try? I’d be interested in hearing how it goes! Just remember to take your time, be careful, & have fun!


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