Skip the New Years Resolution Nonsense

With 2015 approaching fast, the entire Internet is plastered with YouTube videos, blog posts, Facebook statuses, & tweets outlining everyone’s New Years resolutions. I decided a long time ago, probably when I was just a child, that New Years resolutions are a waste of time. I still believe that, now, more than ever. I think that arbitrarily picking a date on the calendar to make huge life changes is setting yourself up for failure, disappointment, & guilt.

I can tell you two things I have learned about making changes. 1. You have to be ready for change & the thing that makes you ready needs to be natural, a change of heart. Forcing yourself to make a change on January 1st just because all of your friends are doing it isn’t natural & your heart, most likely, isn’t in the right place. 2. If something is important enough to you that you truly want to change it, you’ll begin changing it today, not January 1st.

Ideally, you want to be reevaluating yourself & your life every single day, looking for ways to improve. Ultimately, you know what areas of your life could be improved. If you need to lose weight, eat healthier, or become more physically active, you know that. If you need to study more, work harder, go back to school, or find a new job, you know that. The key is to know it & also be willing & ready to start making changes in your own time.

Maybe the things that you need or want to change are even smaller than that. Making changes to better yourself can be as simple as deciding to cuss less, to read more, or to learn a new word every day. I decided a few months ago that it would make me a better person if I began reading more so I picked up a book & began reading. There was no need for me to wait until New Years Day. If you want to make a change, start today. If you’re not ready to begin today, start in March. When you begin to make a change isn’t anyone else’s choice. Not your family, your friends, or society.

A few months ago, my friend & I got together & made “life maps.” We got poster board & a bunch of craft supplies & decorated the poster board, which contained our current goals. Outlined around those goals were changes we needed to make to meet them. It was a fun project & really got us to think about what it is we want & need to be doing with our time.

I encourage you to take some time to appreciate all of the good things that have happened for you in 2014. Give yourself credit for the things you did to make those things happen. Then, when you’re ready, begin thinking about what good things you want to see happen in 2015 & figure out what you need to do to make those things happen. There is no deadline.

Happy New Year. Thanks for supporting me & my blog in 2014. I’ll see you next year. -Denise


7 thoughts on “Skip the New Years Resolution Nonsense

  1. Making a life map sounds like a really great idea! The only resolutions I make build on what I’m already doing eg. keep up with regular exercise, tackle difficult situations head on, I find making them helps to keep me focused on the important things in life 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you! My husband and I used to fall into the trap, “We’ll start on Monday” when it came to working out, etc. We realized we had to start TODAY if we were going to succeed.

  3. Ha, the title of this post made me laugh. I completely agree with you. It is utter nonsense. If you have the desire to change something, just do it. Do it whenever you wish. Don’t wait for some predetermined socially-expected time to do it.

    Christina x

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