Spotted: NEW Simple Skincare Micellar Water in America!


A few days ago, I was browsing the isles at CVS when my jaw dropped & I had to do a double-take. Hidden behind the bottles of Simple Skincare eye makeup remover were a few bottles of micellar water! I scooped them up immediately.

If you’re not familiar with micellar water, it is a huge beauty trend in France, the UK, & Australia. It’s a special water used for removing makeup & cleansing your face & it does a fantastic job. I won’t get into the science behind how it works, as I’m not very good at explaining it but a quick Google search should help you there. What I can tell you, from experience, is micellar waters work.

I’ve searched Google as well as Simple Skincare’s web site & have found no mention of this, which leads me to believe it is brand new. Also, the fact that it was hidden behind the eye makeup remover & didn’t have its own tag yet tells me it’s probably a new-for-2015 product & my CVS hadn’t reset their mods to feature new products yet. Because of this, you may not find this at your local CVS yet, but don’t give up hope!

As far as the product is concerned, you can bet your behind I tested it as soon as I possibly could. I was extremely curious as to whether or not this would be as good as the Loreal micellar water I order from the UK. It is. Without a doubt, this is the real thing. Simple Skincare has done a great job with this product & I highly recommend you give it a try.

Update: For my complete review on this product, click here!

7 thoughts on “Spotted: NEW Simple Skincare Micellar Water in America!

  1. I have heard a lot of good things about micellar water but I hadn’t hear d anything about Simple putting out a version of the product, congrats on finding it!

  2. I’ve never used micellar water but I do know about the Simple brand as it works great for my sensitive skin. I’ll definitely have to check this out since I typically have a hard time removing my makeup, especially my eyeliner and mascara. Glad this works for you! 🙂

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  4. I have not heard of micellar water, but I am a HUGE fan of the Simple brand. Thanks for sharing, I am off to Google to learn more!

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