Review: Simple Skincare Micellar Water (Available in America)


You may have already seen me post about this product & where you can purchase it, here. If so, you’ll know how incredibly excited I was/am to find a Micellar Water in America. Until now, this has been a trend that was nearly exclusive to France, the UK, Australia, & Canada. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, take a look at the photos I took, proving the effectiveness of this product as a makeup remover.

This is what my eye makeup looked like before I began the following experiment.


In the above photo, I’ve used two cotton pads, one with Simple Micellar Water & one with plain tap water. The eye on the left side of the photo that looks squeaky-clean is the eye upon which I used the Simple Micellar Water. As you can see, it did a remarkable job of removing my eye shadow & eyebrow pencil, leaving no residue behind. As for the other eye where I used tap water, no cigar. All that the tap water did was smear my makeup around, horribly.


Here’s what the cotton pads looked like after my experiment. The one on the left side of the photo shows what was removed with tap water. The other is what was removed by the Simple Micellar Water. Are you convinced yet?

The reason I chose to compare the Micellar Water to tap water is it seems to be the first thing people are curious about when I talk about Micelar Water. “Are you sure it’s not just tap water,” is the question I’ve had to answer several times already. If this was a question you had, I hope this answers your question.

Have you tried Micellar Water yet? If not, are you excited to try this one? Leave me a comment. xoxo


7 thoughts on “Review: Simple Skincare Micellar Water (Available in America)

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  2. I have not tried micellar water but it really does work. I have been looking for a good eye makeup roomed because all i’m using now is my face cleanser and it works just not as well as I want it to

  3. Okay, why have I never seen this in the UK? NEVER. I’m definitely going to be hitting all the drugstores to find this now. Great post, by the way. You’ve completely sold it to me. I shall find this product. And, it shall be mine! Ha 🙂

    Christina x

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