DIY Cotton Pad Holder

I realize this isn’t the most unique idea in the world & I’m sure it’s been done before but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. Tonight I finished off a Bath & Body Works candle & right before the wax residue hardened, I scraped it out of the jar. Then I washed out the jar with hot, soapy water & removed all the labels from it. Typically, I’d just toss the empty candle jars in the recycling bin. However, I’ve recently been looking at acrylic cotton pad holders on Amazon. I hadn’t ordered one because I was hoping I could find some other storage method that would be a little cheaper. This is perfect! You could use any candle jar but the Bath & Body Works ones are particularly lovely. The jar holds about 20 cotton pads for me & looks quite classy on my vanity. Check out my photos below to see what the holder looks like & to see the type of cotton pads I use, just in case you’re curious.





5 thoughts on “DIY Cotton Pad Holder

  1. Very clever! Those candle jars are so pretty, I always feel bad just tossing them in the recyle bin. I’m going to have to do this when my next one runs out – thanks for the idea!


  2. This is such a good idea, I have a Bath and Body Works candle that I’m burning at the moment. I bought it one my honeymoon so dont want to just chuck it out so I’ll definitely make it into a storage jar when its finished! xxx

  3. Hey Denise, thanks for sharing this. I love DIY stuff and this is an amazing idea. I am almost done with some candles and I’ll definitely be taking this idea and using it around the house. xx

    xo Brigette from

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