Motorized Cart Stigma: It’s None of Our Business

Today I want to talk about a YouTube video made by a guy who goes by Boogie2988. Boogie is a heavy-set gamer who makes a lot of non-gaming videos about more serious topics such as this one. Before reading the few thoughts I want to share, please take a moment & watch his video. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be crying by the middle of it but laughing really hard by the end of it. That’s the way Boogie likes it, I think.

Warning: Strong language

I mostly wanted to make a post about this to get more people to watch that video. I’m not trying to promote this guy’s channel (although I honestly recommend it, with no strings attached). I don’t even know him. I just feel like his story encapsulates real feelings & struggles experienced by real people, everyday.

These are feeling & struggles I’ve never thought about before, as someone who is fortunate enough to not need one of these motorized carts for any reason. I am, however, guilty of passing judgement on people I’ve seen using them before. I’m guilty of thinking things like, “If you’d walk instead of riding that cart, you’d be better off.” Who the hell am I to make that call?

In Boogie2988’s case, he says, that without the cart, he’d probably not go shopping at all. He’d have one more reason to not leave his house. Personally, I’d rather see someone get out & do things, with the assistance of a crutch, than not do them at all. Furthermore, I’d hate for someone to be afraid to take advantage of a crutch because of fear that unthinking people like myself are judging them.

Starting right now, I’m going to choose to not judge anyone’s need for one of these motorized carts. How about you? Sure, we can argue all day about the benefits of walking. We can talk about how it’s not good to make excuses for people. I, for one, am not interested in having those conversations as it’s none of my business.

For those of you with physical difficulties of any kind who choose to ride a motorized cart & get out there in the world rather than staying home, fearing judgement, ride on.

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