Review: Kleancolor High Drama Matte Palette


I have been looking for a good, pigmented dupe for the Urban Decay Electric palette. Don’t get me wrong. I own Urban Decay palettes & I know that the quality is unbeatable. I know that their eye shadows are worth the price. However, I also know it would be irresponsible for me to spend $50+ on a palette full of rainbow colors that I will hardly ever wear. Therefore, the hunt for a cheaper alternative is reasonable.


When I saw this High Drama Matte Palette on the Kleancolor Instagram, I knew I wanted to try it. It is available on the Kleancolor web site for $4.99. However, in the spirit of frugality, I ordered mine from Amazon so that I could get free shipping.


For $4.99, the pigmentation of this palette is insane. Some of the colors take a little bit of work & you may have to build up the color to get it as intense as you’d like it to be. The yellow & the lime green took a bit of extra work. Again, for $4.99, I’m not complaining.

I think this is a fun palette to have on hand for that rare occasion that you need a crazy color. My only hangup is that I’m not extremely familiar with the brand. I’ve read some articles recently about companies using not-so-good ingredients to make bright pigments & sell them for cheap. I’m not saying that this company is one of those companies. I just can’t comfortably vouch for it, being that I have no knowledge of it. I’ve tried Googling the brand to learn more about them but not much comes up. Maybe you all can fill me in. Have you used  Kleancolor before? Let me know in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Review: Kleancolor High Drama Matte Palette

  1. I can’t believe this is real! I wanted the Electric palette but couldn’t justify the price, especially since I knew I wouldn’t use it as often as my other palettes. I’m totally going to snag this soon! Such a great price for that amazing pigmentation!

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