#BloggingToJogging Update 2: C25K & Healthy Eating

Today’s post is my second update on Blogging to Jogging. To read about what that is & see my first update, click here. It’s been a number of weeks since my first update. My original intention was to update weekly but the truth is, sometimes progress takes longer than a week & I wanted to be sure to check in with something positive to report.

In update 1, I told you I was choosing to quit my daily Red Bull habit. I’m happy to report that I’ve successfully done so, as it’s been about a month since I’ve quit. I was originally replacing my morning Red Bull with orange juice but lately, I don’t even need that. Ice water is good enough for me in the morning. In fact, I’m drinking a lot more water, in general.

I had also told you that I was trying to get back into using my treadmill, as I had pretty much stopped exercising over the holiday.This is the goal where I was making the least amount of progress for a while. In the summer, I used the treadmill as a second source of exercise. My main source was walking & jogging outside on local trails. Walking & jogging outside never bores me as much as the treadmill does.Time moves quicker when you’re actually moving from point A to point B than it does when you’re moving in place on a machine. Because it bores me, I had a really hard time convincing myself to get on the treadmill as often as I wanted to.

My solution to the treadmill boredom blues has been an app called C25K (Couch to 5K). It’s an app that you can run in the background of your phone while you’re still playing music, podcasts, YouTube, etc. The app keeps time for you & audibly tells you when it’s time to switch from walking to jogging. It consistently alternates back and forth for a half an hour or more (depending on what stage you are in).

C25K gradually increases the time you spend jogging vs the time you spend walking, every time you complete one of the days of using it. Therefore, you’re never doing the exact same workout for more than a week at a time. Also, you know that things are going to gradually get harder so you’re motivated to work hard to conquer the week you are currently working on. This, to me, makes being stuck on the treadmill a bit more fun. Right now, I am on week 3 of C25K. There are 8 weeks, in all.

On top of drinking more water & exercising, I’ve had to get back into the swing of healthy eating. My diet has been terrible lately. I’m no stranger to healthy eating, so I have plenty of healthy foods & recipes already in my arsenal. I can write about more of them later but for now, I’ll share a few.

Sometimes I like to just make some sort of juice or smoothie for breakfast. However, I’m not a daily juice/smoothie drinker so buying a bunch of fruit for that purpose can be frustrating as it tends to go bad quicker than I can use it all. On top of that, fresh fruit is more expensive in the winter. My solution is bags of frozen fruit. I recently picked up a few bags of frozen fruit, which I mix with some ice water or almond milk & blend up in my Magic Bullet. It makes a nice, refreshing drink that’s around 120-150 calories.



I’ve also retried a recipe for cheese-less macaroni & cheese that I got from MissGlamorazzi on YouTube. I’ll link her video to the recipe. I’ll admit that my photo of the macaroni & cheese is less than attractive. It’s so dark in color because i used whole grain noodles. But trust me, it tastes great. Instead of cheese, you use a cheese-like sauce made from cashews & nutritional yeast powder.

If you’v never heard of nutritional yeast powder, you’re not alone. When I first heard it mentioned in the recipe, I had no idea what it was or where to get it. It’s a yellow powder that has a salty flavor & cheese-like consistency. It’s hard to find unless you’ve got a health food store near you. I do not so I got mine from Amazon.

The one change I made to the recipe this time is I used cashew milk instead of water when making the sauce. I just happened to stumble onto a new cashew milk, made by Silk, in Wal Mart. Using it in this recipe made the sauce way more creamy than it had been in the past when I used water.




That’s it for update 2. My goals for right now are to continue doing what I’m doing but to be more consistent. I want to eat even healthier, jog even more, keep drinking water, & continue to identify more areas where I can improve.


3 thoughts on “#BloggingToJogging Update 2: C25K & Healthy Eating

  1. I really loved making smoothies with my nutribullet and magicbullet. I fell off that wagon but it really is time to get back on. It’s amazing what healthy food you can shove in one of those and have it still taste great.

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