Weighing Myself Daily Has Been Destroying Me

I recently deleted a post from this blog that was called “Don’t Fool Yourself When Stepping on the Scale.” The main point of that post was very good. I talked about how important it is to make sure you’re always weighing yourself right as you wake up, after you’ve undressed & went to the bathroom & before you’ve eaten or drank anything. I felt that was an important thing to talk about because not a lot of people realize that doing that is the only way to see your true weight. The problem was that I later went on to talk about how important it is to weigh yourself daily. Today, I’m writing to tell you I was, mostly, wrong about that.

When I first began losing weight a few years ago (& lost my first 40 pounds), the scale was an important learning tool for me. As someone who was never properly taught how to lose weight (or maintain a proper one), I taught myself what was good & bad for me by doing lots of research & by keeping track of every bit of information I could. I kept meticulous track of my calorie intake, nutrition, & weight. That was all very helpful because I was able to play “connect-the-dots” & see how doing or not doing certain things was reflected in my weight.

Several years later, I think I have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to lose weight. I’d dare say I’m pretty good at it once I get in the swing of things. Yet, I’ve still given up & gained weight back several times in the last few years. It’s become a vicious cycle. I eat healthy & exercise for a while, lose a bunch of weight, eventually get frustrated with the number on the scale, give up, gain some back, & start again.

Several weeks ago I was chatting with some Facebook friends in a weight loss group & asking them how often they weight themselves. Their answers, across the board, were nothing like mine. That’s when I realized I might have a problem. The girls all talked about how they had to limit themselves to only weighing weekly or monthly or else they’d get frustrated & quit. Getting frustrated & quitting is a concept I’ve become, intimately, familiar with. Maybe that’s because I’d also become intimately familiar with weighing myself two or three times a day.

When you’re obsessed with weighing yourself, your happiness becomes directly-related to how much you weigh. When my weight went down, I was on top of the world & wanted to keep eating healthy & exercising because I felt good & was seeing results. If my weight stayed the same or went up at all, I felt like my world was shattered & nothing I did made a difference. When you feel like nothing you do makes a difference, you stop trying to do the right thing. You stop choosing water over soda & salad over pizza because it doesn’t make a difference. This is the mental state that breeds failure.

Weighing myself daily had me trapped in the “nothing I do makes a difference” mental state more days than not. I can see that now that I’ve broke away from my scale addiction. This is the third week of me only weighing myself once a week. Each time I’ve weighed in, I’ve seen positive results because I’m doing the right thing all the days in-between. I’m feeling a lot better, emotionally, now that I’m not beating myself up every day. I don’t feel nearly as frustrated as I usually do.

It’s still really hard not to run to my bathroom & pull out my scale since I’d been doing it so frequently for the past several years. In fact, I’m even tempted to go weigh myself right now. But I’ve committed to ending the cycle. Reflecting upon the mental state & the yo-yo weight loss & weight gain it’s caused, I think it’s appropriate to say that weighing myself daily has been destroying me & it’s time to stop.

I think I finally figured out one of the things holding me back. What about you? Take some time to think about what might be holding you back from your goals. It could be something as innocent-looking as a bathroom scale.

12 thoughts on “Weighing Myself Daily Has Been Destroying Me

  1. This was such an interesting post to read Denise! Back before I moved to KY, I used to weigh myself pretty much every chance I got but not I don’t – mainly because I haven’t purchased a scale for my home yet haha! I think the biggest thing holding me back is fear of what people will say and think. I always tell myself to not take what other’s say to heart, but I’m super sensitive! I’m a chubby gal and so many people point it out or tell me I should do something to lose weight and that sort of thing just holds be back for some reason..but I’m working on it!

    xoxo Priyanka

  2. I can totally relate to this post. It made me shed a tear. Brought me back to the time when I was obsessed with my weight weighing myself twice or 3x a day and using it to decide if I should eat more or less that day. I didn’t think I had a serious issue as I was still eating, but it wrecked my self confidence and I started hating myself. I’m glad I REALISE healthy is more important than thin and skinny. This blog post is a good reminder to every girl out there who has body issues!
    So well written!

    X, Carina
    Runinning White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. It really means a lot. I often second-guess what I’ve written & wonder if it makes sense or if I’ve gotten my point across at all. It’s also nice to know there are people out there who can relate to what I’m going through. ❤

  3. Focusing on a number on a scale can turn weight loss into an obsession. Plus, your weight can fluctuate throughout the day so it can be discouraging to see yourself at one weight and then heavier later in the day. I think you’re making a great decision that can only help you!


  4. Thank you for sharing. I have to say i use to be the same way and I would constantly weigh my self. It became an issue and an obsession. I’ve always had issues with my weight so i was always so hard on myself especially when the numbers would change through out the day.


  5. This was really amazing to read! Personally, I want to get a big fat hammer and smash the living daylights out of my scales. For now, I just never use them, drink lots of water, bike daily on errands, and try to just eat and be as healthy as I possibly can. And I think good sleep is super important as that makes everything else (good eating habits) fall into place. This body has blessed me with three healthy babies and I am approaching 40 and I don’t have small frame genes. I do my best and I will never be a size 8 unless I lived on air. I spent most of my 30’s obsessing over my post baby body, but as I approach 40, I wouldn’t care if I never stepped on another scale again.
    (Just realized I might of ranted a bit, sorry)

    • No apology necessary. It’s encouraging to hear other people talk about overcoming their own insecurities. And I’m glad to hear that you have. You’re beautiful & have such great fashion sense. You don’t need to change a thing. xo

  6. Good for you, girl. It’s definitely not healthy to be addicted to the scale, and since weight can fluctuate so frequently even in the course of one day, it’s easier on you all the way around if you limit it to once a week or month. Best of luck as you keep reaching towards your goals – you can do it!


  7. I’ve definitely gone through this vicious cycle that you talk about. When I first started trying to lose weight I was tracking every single calorie down to that one grape I took at the grocery store while grocery shopping. I was also weighing myself daily and it started to bug me that one day I would go up .1 of a pound and I realized that’s not a healthy way to live life. I find that it’s definitely better to not be as critical and obsessive with my weight as I have in the past. It’s something that takes time and cannot be forced, and obsessing over it won’t help one bit.

    xo Sami

  8. I recently lost a significant amount of weight, and felt like I was becoming just too obsessed looking at the scale. I started backing off and just focusing on how I felt about my new endeavors like my blog, my new wardrobe, my new haircut, and just the way I carried myself. It’s not easy. I still do it from time to time since I’ve been working out more, but I check myself. I’m like “stop doing this to yourself, you’re beautiful!!” Love your blog!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment & thanks for commenting. That’s such good advice. I do tend to focus on the negative a lot. I’m definitely striving to have your attitude tho! One day at a time, I suppose! 🙂 ❤

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