My First Influenster (XO) Vox Box


If you watch as much YouTube as I do, you’ve probably heard of Influenster before. It’s a web site that anyone can sign up for in order to, potentially, qualify for freebies to test & review. You link all of your social media accounts & the more social influence you have, the better chance you have of receiving products. The goal is for you to talk about the products through your social media outlets, essentially, advertising the ones you like to your friends. As a blogger & a general product junkie, I talk about the products I like anyway so this is right up my alley. Now that you know what Influenster is, let’s talk about the items that I was sent.


As an avid coffee & tea drinker, my teeth can always use some whitening. That’s why I was probably most-excited to receive this set of Colgate whitening products. I received both the toothpaste & toothbrush from the “Optic White” line. The super cool thing about the toothbrush is it includes a whitening pen that you store inside the handle of the brush. The pen contains a whitening gel that you swipe onto your teeth after brushing. I’ve only used these products a few times, so far. Therefore, I can’t yet tell you whether it makes a dramatic difference or not but I can tell you that it’s a gentle formula that doesn’t irritate my gums & teeth like other whitening products tend to do. It’s a cool system that I’ll definitely keep using.


Another product that I was excited to try was the Skinfix Hand Repair Cream. I’m a hand cream junkie, especially in the winter, but I’m also really picky about my hand creams. I want a cream that absorbs into my skin, immediately, & leaves no greasy or sticky residue. Ultimately, I like to be able to throw on a hand cream one second & use my touch-screen phone the next second. This hand cream failed the test. No matter how little I used, it never quite absorbed the entire way. It remains greasy until you wipe your hands. I can’t deal with this & would, therefore, never buy this product.


Judging from other posts on social media, I know that there were two different sets of John Frieda products being sent to Influensters. Some of us got Frizz Ease products while others got products from the new Beach Blonde line. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I was disappointed to receive the Frizz Ease set, only because I’ve tried these products already & can tell you that they’re way too heavy for my overly-oily hair. I plan to pass these along to a friend.


Lastly, I received these Tide 4-in1 pods with Febreeze. These are laundry detergent pods that are supposed to clean, remove stains, brighten, & freshen your laundry. I would say that these do exactly what they’re supposed to do. They’re a good & easy-to-use product & I’ll definitely be purchasing them in the future.

That’s it for my first Influenster Vox Box! Overall, I’d say these were a good sampling of products. I’m happy I got to try them & look forward to trying more things from Influenster in the future. If you’d like to try some products for yourself, sign up for Influenster & get started today. You don’t need to be a blogger to sign up!

9 thoughts on “My First Influenster (XO) Vox Box

  1. Congrats on your first voxbox!! I love that they sent out the skinfix! I love that cream, it’s perfect for super dry skin and it’s pretty pricey – I still need to get a replacement lol! I agree with you though, they sent a good amount of products to sample and great sample sizes as well!

  2. Sounds like you weren’t entirely thrilled, but still cool to be chosen. Have you tried Frizz Ease 3 Days Straight? It’s a very light spray, and it doesn’t make my hair oily or dirty at all. (I couldn’t see which product you got in the silver box)

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