Review: Colour Pop Lippie in “Tootsi”

If you follow a lot of beauty accounts on Instagram, you’ve probably seen  about a hundred photos of Colour Pop’s “Tootsi.” It’s been very popular for Spring, as everyone looks for the perfect “greige” lipstick. It’s been called a dupe for several high-end lipsticks, and at $5, it’s an affordable one.

Photo by @spencesbeautydepot:

I love unique makeup. I enjoy colors that are a bit “out there” & daring. That’s why photos like the one below, from Colour Pop’s Instagram made me obsess over this lip stick.


Unfortunately, when I finally bought Tootsi & saw it in real life, it looked nothing like it did in any of the Instagram photos. The lipstick I received is not “greige.” It’s not a dupe for Lime Crime’s Cashmere. It’s straight-up brown.

This isn’t a matter of lighting or personal perception either. Everyone I’ve showed this lipstick to agrees it is brown. I don’t look good in brown so this lipstick, for me, is a dud.

I can tell you that the formula was very good. For a matte lipstick, it’s creamy & not drying at all. I’d like to try some other Colour Pop lippies. I’m just baffled as to how this one could be SO different from all the photos I’ve seen.

What do you think? Did I get a bad lippie from a bad batch? If you bought this color, let me know. Does yours look like mine? Are you disappointed? Leave me a comment!



12 thoughts on “Review: Colour Pop Lippie in “Tootsi”

  1. I’ve never tried this color but I’ve had similar experiences where the color doesn’t match up to what I’ve seen in swatches or other photos. That definitely restricts me from purchasing more even though I want a quite a few more colors, I’m just afraid they won’t turn out as I expected!

    But maybe you did get one from a bad batch! Have you contacted ColourPop about this?

  2. I am dying to try something, anything from ColourPop! I don’t know why I haven’t yet (except that I hate paying shipping costs lol). I’m hoping that Ulta will decide to carry the brand, but that’s just my pipe dream.

    I know you are disappointed, but I love the shade you bought. I think it looks perfect for you, though it definitely looks different from the IG photo. I am reviewing some lipsticks right now, and I was struggling to describe one of the shades and you nailed it: greige. Unfortunately, that shade makes me look like a corpse, but I love how it looks on other women, and I love it in nail polish.

    I think the shade you got really does look like a Tootsie Roll shade or like milk chocolate. Do you like it on your lips or is it too brown?

    • I don’t like it on my lips either, unfortunately. Browns just don’t suit me. As far as you not wanting to order because of shipping, here’s a tip. Shipping is $4.99, assuming you’re in the US, & you can use the coupon code THANKSBABE for $5 off your first order. Voila! Free shipping! 😉

  3. That’s so disappointing! It really looked like a purpley-grey in the other photos! I wouldn’t wear straight-up brown on my lips, either. After hearing everyone rave about ColourPop, I definitely want to try them, but I just don’t like buying cosmetics online without being able to see them at a store!

    • Chances are, I’ll order again sometime. But I’ll most-likely avoid the lippies & try the shadows instead. A bad eye shadow shade can still be usable if you blend it in with some other colors. A bad lippie isn’t worth the effort.

  4. That’s such a bummer that it’s completely different! So weird as it looks like a different colour in the photos, hate when that happens! I don’t wear brown lips either, and I believe I read that you said it was matte? It looks creamy enough for a matte, surprisingly! x

    Jasmine ||

  5. I got mine today and the color on the tube was brown, but when I put it on my lips it was a grey purple. It doesn’t have the pink undertone that I saw in swatches, it makes my lips look a bit dead. There is a pink undertone when I swatch it on my hand, though.

  6. I also got mine today and the colour on the tube was the same as yours. On my lips it turns grey purple (as what is mentioned above), but after 2 hours of wear it turns kinda pink/same colour as my natural lip colour. On my arm it looks brown asf too.. I’m kinda disappointed how it completely transferred when i was eating and drinking too 😦 this was the first colourpop item i got and actually tried on my lips -sigh-

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