Review: Nutraplex Bars

The following products were sent to me, free. They were provided to me, via Tomoson, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

As a person who is always trying to be healthier & lose weight, I have tried a lot of health food bars. I find that having healthy snack & meal bars on hand is essential when you’re trying to keep from eating junk food. I, especially, like having them on hand for breakfast, on those days where I wake up late & have no time to prepare anything else. On those kinds of days, I’m guilty of grabbing a candy bar or cookie or simply skipping breakfast completely. None of those are healthy options, so having bars such as these Nutraplex bars on hand can be a lifesaver.



Nutraplex provided me with two different flavors – Pineapple Coconut & Megaberry. Both of these flavors were very good & I enjoyed them, equally. They both have very natural, fruity flavors that are tart, but not overly tart. They tasted far-better than I expected as I, typically, don’t go for fruit-flavored bars. Most of them are either sour or have an artificial taste to them. This is not the case with Nutraplex!

One thing that initially took me by surprise was the appearance of these bars. They have a jelly-like look to them & are filled with chia seeds. The chia seeds not only give them texture, but make them more filling. Additionally, chia seeds are a super food with numerous health benefits, & are something you should try to incorporate into your diet as often as possible. Personally. I’ve had juice drinks with chia seeds floating in them before &, as strange as that sounds, they were very good. So, I was already familiar with chia seeds & knew I’d like them in these bars too.



The story of these bars & how they came to be created is very interesting. The short version is that the creator was told, by his doctor, that he needed to make severe changes to his diet or else he’d develop diabetes. After a lot of nutritional research, he created these bars for himself to have healthy food on the go. For the full story, you should definitely check out the Nutraplex web site & click the “about our founder” tab. While you’re there, click on the “health benefits” tab to learn all about how these bars can help you in your health journey.

If these bars sound like something you’d like, give them a try! You can order them directly from the Nutraplex web site. I don’t get any compensation for you placing an order. I simply recommend these to you as something I, truly, think you may enjoy. Feel free to give me some recommendations too. What kind of bars should I try next? Leave me a comment!


8 thoughts on “Review: Nutraplex Bars

  1. These bars sound delicious! Since I spend long hours at school, I try to take healthy bars or trail mix to fill me up so I don’t get tempted to buy chicken strips from the cafeteria! I def will look into these! I haven’t had much luck finding the best bars yet but I do love the Special K Protein shake! It keeps me full for so long, and that takes a lot of effort since I have a huge appetite!

    • When I was in college, their chicken strips were my weakness too. What is it about college chicken strips?! lol. I’ve never tried the Special K shakes but I’ll definitely add them to my must-try list. Thanks for the recommendation!

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