Review: NEW 2015 Wet ‘n Wild Under The Sheets Makeup Remover Wipes, Brow Pencil, & False Eyelashes


Today I have 3 brand new Wet ‘n Wild products to review for you. I am a huge fan of Wet ‘n Wild. They’re one of the absolute most affordable beauty brands out there, but their products are anything but cheaply-made. Everything I’ve ever tried from their line has been of good quality, especially their eyeshadows & blushes, which are pigmented at a level where you could pass them off as Urban Decay.

Recently, Wet ‘n Wild has stepped out from just producing makeup & have begun to produce things like brushes, makeup wipes, & false lashes. These new products are slowly popping up in Rite Aid stores & will, hopefully, appear at other retailers soon. I grabbed a few of the new products that looked the most interesting to me.


The “Under the Sheets” makeup wipes are not 100% new, as they were released as a part of a limited edition collection a few months ago. However, they are now part of the permanent line, which makes me happy as I never found them when they were limited edition. These wipes are $2.99 at Rite Aid.


In order to test these wipes, I did a full face of foundation & powder then removed it to show you how well it did in removing the product. In the above photos, the left photo shows my face with foundation & the right photo shows my clean face after using the wipes. As you can see, they did a pretty nice job!


The next thing I did was go back over my “clean” face with a cotton round & some Loreal Micellar Water to see if there was any makeup leftover after using the wipes. In the above photos, I show you the amount of product removed with the Wet ‘n Wild wipe vs. the amount of product removed by the micellar water afterward. As you can see, there was a lot of makeup still left on my face that couldn’t really be seen by the naked eye. I wouldn’t, necessarily, consider this a fault of the makeup wipes as much as I would consider it a benefit of micellar water, in general. I find that micellar water always pulls out some hidden makeup & “gunk.”

Overall, these are good wipes to get the bulk of your makeup off, but I’d suggest you either use a micellar water or wash your face afterward if you want to *really* have clean skin. The texture of the wipes is soft & gentle. They’re not as wet as I’d prefer. I’ll probably stick to my Simple Skincare makeup wipes because they’re much wetter, but the Wet ‘n Wild wipes certainly aren’t bad. If you’re on a tight budget, these will get the job done for you.


The next product I picked up was the false lashes. These lashes are $.99 at Rite Aid, making them comparable to the ELF lashes, price-wise. The different is that Rite Aid often has 40% off sales on Wet ‘n Wild, so you could potentially get these for $.59, making them some of the most affordable lashes possible. Here is a photo of what they look like close-up.



These lashes, like the ELF lashes, come with a lash glue. The glue works extremely well. Once I applied these lashes, there was no way that they were coming off without some sort of makeup remover. I used my Loreal Micellar Water to remove them, which made them slide right off. They came off undamaged & I tucked them into my lash case to use again.


In the above photo, you can see how these compare to a few other brands of lashes in my lash case. The top 2 rows are ELF lashes, the 3rd row is Ardell lashes, & the single lash on the bottom is one of the Wet ‘n Wild lashes. In the next photo, I’ll show you what these look like on my eyes. The eye on the left side of the photo has the Wet ‘n Wild falsies applied & the eye on the right is my natural (nearly non-existent) lashes.


As you can see, these are pretty dramatic & wont, necessarily, give you a natural look. For the purpose of this photo, I have them applied to my naked eye, but if I were wearing them out, I’d definitely combine them with some eye shadow & black liner. That would make them “blend” a little better with my natural lashes.

Overall, these are pretty nice lashes, especially for the price. If you’re experimenting with lashes for the first time, these would be a good pair to experiment with because if you mess up & ruin them, you’re only out of a dollar or less. I found them easy to apply & I think they look nice for a dramatic look. They’re worth picking up to try!


The last item I picked up was one of the new Color Icon brow pencils in the shade “blonde,” which retails for $1.99 at Rite Aid. I was really hoping that this would be a good match for my dark blonde hair. Unfortunately, it was not. It’s a bit too red-toned for me. The product, itself, seems good tho. It’s a much softer pencil than I’m used to working with so it’s easy to be too heavy-handed during application & make things a bit too dark, which I did, as you can see in the photo below (top half of photo if my natural brows & bottom half is the brow pencil).


That’s it for my Wet ‘n Wild review! I’d recommend that you give any of these three products a try because, for the price, you don’t have much to lose & you may discover a new “holy grail” product. Would you give any of these a try? Which ones? Leave me a comment!

11 thoughts on “Review: NEW 2015 Wet ‘n Wild Under The Sheets Makeup Remover Wipes, Brow Pencil, & False Eyelashes

  1. I really need to try more Wet N Wild products..actually I don’t think I don’t own anything by them. Those makeup wipes sound awesome and they’re so inexpensive! I also love the brow pencil!

  2. Great WnW haul! I’ve never tried their falsies but for 99 cents or less with the Rite Aid sale, what a deal especially since I still need practice.

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  4. i tried the wetnwild brow pencil in the ginger roots shade you want to talk about red toned, it looked too red on my eyebrows and i have red hair!! the blonde would have probably worked better but they didnt have it. i have to be very careful putting it on i barely put any on my eyebrow and its practically filled in

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