Waiting For My “Whoosh”

On April 22nd (just over a week ago from today), I had gotten down to the lowest weight I have been in a few years. I was about 3 pounds away from one of my goals.  Then, of course, the scale jumped back up the next day.

I’m no stranger to the phenomenon of weight fluxuation & water retention. This happens all the time. But, this time, it was a bit harder to swallow since I was SO close to a goal. So I kicked it into high gear. I exercised & exercised & exercised some more. 

By the end of the week, I was sore, exhausted, & was weighing in at an even heavier weight. Weight loss is calories in, calories out. So, mathematically speaking, it was impossible that I had actually gained weight. But it was still upsetting me that the scale was moving in the wrong direction for an entire week.

So, I did what any twenty-something year-old would do. I asked Google what the heck was happening. I found a blog post that was very helpful. I’m going to link you to it & I hope you give it a read. But the short version is, by exercising like a crazy person, I was building up stress & cortisol, thereby, guaranteeing more & more water retention. 

The author of the blog post put my mind at ease, talking about how when this happens, you need to just relax, take a break, & wait. You just have to wait for that seemingly-magical morning when your body releases that extra water weight in one big “whoosh” & you’re back on track.  Guess what? I took a break, I waited, & my “whoosh” came. I’m back on track.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight like me, just keep this in mind. Don’t give up if the scale is going in the wrong direction. Take a break. Wait for your whoosh. To read the full blog post on this topic, click here.

Have you had experiences like mine? How did you handle the frustration of waiting for the scale to go back down? Leave me a comment! 

6 thoughts on “Waiting For My “Whoosh”

  1. Congratulations on your success!! One nurse told me that unless doctor’s orders no one needs a personal scale at home because it only tell part of the weight story!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. I have not weighed myself in almost 12 months. It became so stressful and upsetting that I had to take a vow to not get on it again. It was really playing with my head. Thanks for this great article. We all need a little re-assurance at times. I also find a well rested body is paramount as tiredness can lead to less exercise motivation and bad food choices. For me anyhow. I am so happy you are close to your goal, a big congrats! http://www.yummomummo.blogspot.com

  3. You’re so right. Although I’m not trying to lose weight, I have a personal trainer and often times when k looked at the scale I’d be confused as to why it kept going up when I was simply trying to maintain. It’s totally worth it though, give your body the rest it needs and you’ll lose the weight you want. Can’t wait till you hit your goal!!

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