Weight Loss Analogy 1: Cleaning Out My Closet

Today’s post is what will, most likely, become part of an ongoing series of weight loss analogies. Why? I’ve always been really good at making up analogies, either to help myself understand things better or to help others. I tend to have a lot of “aha!” moments in my life where I relate one situation to another. This has been especially true in my weight loss journey. 

The “aha!” moment I had tonight took place while I was cleaning out my closet. In my closet, I had two plastic bins that I’ve been avoiding for a long time, as I knew how badly they needed  cleaned out. The bins were full of papers. I’m sure most of you would agree that sorting through papers is the worst. It’s tedious & boring. This, however, was something that needed to be done.

I made a pile on the floor of the papers that were actually important & filled a gatbage bag with everything that was not. As my garbage bag filled, the first bin was emptied so I moved onto the second bin. After getting about half-way through the second bin, I got a call from a friend so I took a break & chatted with him. 

By the time I finished my phone call, it was getting late so I decided to put what wasn’t finished back in the closet for the night. That’s when I realized there was barely anything to put away. I was very surprised by how much I had accomplished, as it didn’t feel like very much while I was actually doing it. It wasn’t until I stepped back from my work that I saw the progress that had been being made little-by-little. 

I thought about how my weight loss journey  has felt like that so many times. When we’re in the middle of working on ourselves, it’s easy to get caught up in the little details & not see the big picture. It’s easy to be hard on yourself because you don’t *think* you’re making any progress. But as long as you keep going, there will come a time when you’ll step back & realize how far you’ve actually come.

Have you had any “aha!” moments lately that you’d like to share? Leave me a comment! 


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Analogy 1: Cleaning Out My Closet

  1. I hear you! I had my aha moment when I took step back and stopped focusing so much on the scale. When I wasn’t consistently looking at it, I focused on how I felt when I worked out rather than the amount of weight. I focused on other projects like some photo shoots, my blog, my new fashion risks, and just practicing self care. When I went back to look at how much weight I lost, I admit it felt good, but it felt even better that I had gone a long time without obsessing over it. Thank you for sharing this post! I love your stuff!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment. I really like the idea of being able to take a step back from obsessing over the scale & taking pride in that, itself. Maybe I’ll try & make that my next goal. 🙂

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