Hot Tea For Health & Weight Loss

*In this post I will talk about a dandelion root tea which I received free, from Kiss Me Organics, powered by Brandbacker, in exchange for my honest review. Any other products mentioned were purchased by me. All opinions are sincere & are my own.

I have never been a fan of hot drinks. I’m not even a big fan of hot food. I’d rather have a cold turkey sandwich & a glass of ice-cold tea than a hot sandwich & some hot tea. But, as I am beginning to learn about the health benefits in hot teas, I am slowly converting my taste.

Before I get into specific kinds of teas, let’s talk about the benefits of hot teas, in general. I think most of us are aware of the fact that hot tea is calming & can sooth a sore throat. A lot of us probably drink hot tea when we have a bad cold or flu. But the health benefits don’t stop at flu season. Tea is beneficial year-round.

Drinking hot tea is a slow process. You don’t chug a cup of tea the way you might if it were a can of soda. Therefore, drinking a cup or two of tea between meals is a good way to keep from snacking, as you are already occupied. Most people don’t snack out of hunger. They snack out of habit or compulsion. If you replace your snack habit with a cup of tea, you may find that is enough to satisfy you & keep you from reaching for a bag of chips.

This, however, is only a benefit if you’re drinking your tea unsweetened. The minute you add a few spoonfuls of sugar, you’re negating the benefit of drinking it in place of an unhealthy snack. Drinking your tea without sweetener is a taste that may take you time to acquire, but it’s certainly worth it.  When nothing has been added, tea has 0 calories, so you can drink all you want & not worry about gaining weight. How great is that?

The following is a list of several types of hot teas & some of their potential health benefits-
Oolong: Provides energy & heightens metabolism to aid in weight loss
Yerba Mate: Full of antioxidants & vitamins & acts as an appetite suppressant.
White: Fights against signs of aging & may help protect from cancers.
Black: Improves dental health & may help protect from diabetes.
Ginger: Reduces inflammation & aids in headaches & stomach aches.
Green: Provides energy & may help prevent dementia.
Nettle: Helps improve cold & allergy symptoms.
Peppermint: Aids in health of GI tract & relieves constipation.
Chamomile: Natural sleep aid & provides relief of menstrual cramps.
Dandelion Root: Supports digestion, kidney health, & liver function.

I’m a fan of all of these types of teas & am a firm believer in using teas medicinally. I drink tea frequently. Therefore, when Kiss Me Organics gave me an opportunity to try their dandelion root tea to review, I jumped at the opportunity.


This tea is sold on Amazon, making it easy for mostly anyone to find. It has a pleasant, woodsy/earthy taste to it that isn’t at all overpowering. It is a lovely lavender color with a light & enjoyable aroma.


After drinking this tea, daily, for several weeks, I felt good. As vague of a statement as that is, it’s the best way to describe the effect of this tea. It makes you feel “good” in many ways. I’ve felt energized & felt as if my body was digesting & processing food more effectively.

As someone who is on a journey to lose weight, drinking dandelion root tea is a smart choice for me. The fact that it improves the function of my liver & kidneys & aids in my digestion will help me, overall, in my health & weight loss. I plan to continue drinking this & recommend it to anyone on a similar journey for better health. If you are interested in it, the link to purchase it is here.

I’ve talked about several kinds of teas & their benefits. There are, however, many more out there. If you do your research, you can find a tea for every ailment. What kinds of teas do you drink for your health? Are there any I talked about today that you plan to try? Leave me a comment!


5 thoughts on “Hot Tea For Health & Weight Loss

  1. I love drinking tea, especially when it’s cold out. Hmmm, I didn’t know about this. I think I may give it a try. I’m trying to limit my sugar intake so I could sweeten it with a little honey?

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