#BloggingtoJogging 3: Conclusion

If you were following me when I started with #BloggingtoJogging posts about 4 months ago, you may be wondering what the heck happened to that particular series. I wasn’t sure exactly how to handle concluding a series that I didn’t want to write anymore but that I’d only just began, so for a while I simply made those posts private. However, looking at them today, I realize that they were posts that had value & shouldn’t be privatized. Instead, I’ll close this series with an update on the things I had began writing about in the previous two posts.

I’ve been successful in kicking my daily Red Bull habit. In addition, I also stopped drinking the sugary orange juice I had originally used to replace it. Now I stick to ice water or black coffee which are both better, 0 calorie options.

As far as using the C25K app on the treadmill, I’ve decided that the app increases difficulty a bit too quickly for a person at my level. I’ve gotten up to being able to jog for a mile & a half without stopping. But jogging a 5k will take me some more time. Eight weeks was not realistic for me. Especially since I’ve had a few set backs. Don’t get me wrong tho – I haven’t given up!

Finally, as far as general health & weight loss, I’m doing the best that I’ve been doing in several years & am now at my lowest weight in [I don’t know how many] years. There are ups & downs. There are set backs. I try not to dwell on them too much.

For further updates on my health journey, simply follow my blog here where I will write about individual health & weight loss topics as I’m inspired to do so. How is your health journey coming along? Leave me a comment! 


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