Review: Morphe Brushes


Today I’ll be reviewing a set of brushes I purchased from Hautelook. Having heard so much about Morphe Brushes lately, I was intrigued & excited to try some for myself. When I saw that they were being featured on Hautelook, I knew I had to buy something (Hautelook is a trusted web site where you can buy beauty products at steep discounts). After looking through what they had to offer, I decided to buy a 3-pack of blending brushes. That’s the one type of brush that I knew I could use more of. The trio was popular & I had to spend a bit of time waiting to buy it because it was “on hold” for a while before they finally sold out completely. I was really excited to get the trio before it sold out. 

Before these brushes, I have used blending brushes from several different companies including Sigma, Eco Tools, ELF, The Balm, & a few other generic brands. My favorite of those is my Sigma blender brush.  Since the  Morphe Brushes looked similar, I was hoping they would be comparable in quality. 


What I found was that these brushes are not at all like my beloved Sigma. They are rough & scratchy. They seem sturdy enough & are a great shape & size but they feel like sandpaper on my skin. I wouldn’t even consider the black one to be a crease brush. It’s flat, not fluffy. It’s definitely shaped more like a shader brush.

For me, these brushes were a huge flop. I ended up selling the two white brushes in a used makeup Facebook group. I kept the flat black one & have designated it as the brush I use for applying highlight to my browbone. It works well for that since I use a patting motion & am not swiping the scratchy bristles along my delicate eyelids.

Personally, I won’t be purchasing brushes from this company again. I did not receive a very impressive first impression & I’m now left wondering what all the hype is about. Have you tried Morphe Brushes yet? Let me know your experience. I’m genuinely curious.

3 thoughts on “Review: Morphe Brushes

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