Sometimes you Lose Weight, Sometimes Life Happens

If you keep up with me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me tweet once or twice about needing to see a chiropractor. That was a big deal for me for two reasons. I’m 26 & have never seen a chiropractor so I was really nervous & not knowing what to expect & I had trouble finding a chiropractor nearby that was covered by my insurance. Once I found one & went for the first time, those problems were out of the way but the weeks following have been problematic for my weight loss goals.

The reason I went to the chiropractor in the first place was because I was having pain in my right hip every time I took a step. The chiropractor listened to my explanation of what was happening & had a look. He told me that I had a rotated pelvis that I’d probably had it for a while & it was causing me Bursitis in my hip.

I’m not completely sure how this happened. It may have been from when I had fallen pretty hard on Mother’s Day then walked it off without a thought. I went to work as usual. I exercised as usual. And then as the days went on, exercising began to hurt. I had taken a break for a week and the hip pain didn’t let up at all. That’s when I knew this was more than just a typical muscle ache.

“So, will exercising help or hurt the healing process? Should I be exercising right now?,” I asked the chiropractor. He told me that he’d normally recommend it but since my day job is pretty physical, it’s more exercise than I should be doing & he wouldn’t recommend that I add anything on top of that. That’s what I was afraid he’d say.

Prior to all of this, I was walking about 4-6 miles a day & I was consistently losing weight. I had worked the numbers & figured out how much weight I could lose by the end of the summer if I just kept walking every day & keeping my calories in control. Taking the exercise out of the equation was a huge bummer because it threw a wrench in my math,

It’s now been nearly two months since this whole ordeal started & all I’ve been able to do it maintain my current weight loss. I’ve gone through the stages of being disappointed, feeling like throwing in the towel for a few months, then came back around to my sensibilities. Sometimes you lose weight. Sometimes life happens instead. It can’t always work out the way you want it to.

I’m beginning to feel a lot better & I think I’ll be able to get back to exercising relatively soon. Until then, I’ll be keeping up with my proper diet,as that will help the healing process as well. Just the fact that I’ve not given up on my goals is a small victory in itself.

As far as the blog goes, I’ve not gotten to write about a few exercise-related things I intended to write about .My friend Alvin at Nerd Fit Gaming had written about a “waist trimmer” he’d received for review. I was so curious, I contacted the company & got one for myself to review. The unfortunate part is that it’s to be used during exercise & I began having my hip problem right around when I received the product to try.

If you’re a blogger, you’re probably familiar with the fact that companies have deadlines in which they expect reviews to be done by if they’ve sent you their product. Since the deadline for this waist trimmer is approaching & my health has kept me from testing it, the best I can do for them & for you guys is to link you to my friend Alvin’s review & let you know that I’ll come back to this product when I’m better & let you know my own personal thoughts.

The waist trimmer can be found here on Amazon. Alvin’s review of it can be found here. I link you to Alvin because I trust him & know that you’ll be getting a genuine review from him. I also encourage you to check out his other content while you’re there. He has a podcast & YouTube channel alongside his blog.

The lesson I’ve taken from my recent experience is that every journey has bumps in the road. You can allow those bumps to toss you off your bicycle or you can hang on tightly & keep peddling util you’re back on smooth ground. If you’re in the middle of a weight loss journey like me or any other journey & things are getting bumpy, just keep peddling.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you Lose Weight, Sometimes Life Happens

  1. I loved this post, it has such a great message. Whatever we are doing, it is never gonna be a straight forward path along the way. There are always going to be obstacles. I think it is really impressive that you have managed to maintain your current weight loss as that is. I really difficult! You have a lot of strength and this is so admirable.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, but seriously though this post is incredible! Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans. You can either get up and power through or just let it squash you. You’ll power through even harder than you do when we walk “The Hill” and it’s going to be awesome!

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