Review: Jesse’s Girl Back Stage Collection Palette in Natural Nudes (Now Sold at Rite Aid)



Let me start off by saying that I love the brand, Jesse’s Girl (and the song). It’s a brand that’s sold exclusively at Rite Aid & online. I have included Jesse’s Girl products in every International swap I’ve done since I feel that makeup lovers outside of the US are missing out on this brand. I even use their lose pigments as the required eye shadow for the color guard team I coach. I am a big fan of Jesse’s Girl eye shadows – except for this palette.

This palette, as far as I know, was sold exclusively online until very recently. It appears that these will now be sold at Rite Aid, which is where I purchased mine. I was so excited to get my hands on this palette as it contained neutral shades with some rose golds that sort of reminded me of the Naked 3 palette. Allow me to swatch this palette for you & then we’ll talk about why the swatches are a bit deceiving.

Top Row:

Bottom Row (excluding first shade as it was too light to swatch):

When swatched on my arm, these shades look gorgeous. The problem is how much work it took to actually pick up the product on my finger in order to swatch it. The matte shades are hard & gritty & you have to literally scratch away at it with your fingernail to make it usable. If you’re familiar with New York Color’s pressed eye shadows, you’ve probably experienced this before. You can see what I mean in the following photo.


The shimmery shades are a bit easier to work with but they’re still very chunky in texture. They have a wet kind of feeling to them which makes them apply chunky on your lids & then flake off as they begin to dry out. This flaking happens pretty quickly & doesn’t leave much of the shimmer or color on your eye lids. In the following photo, you can see the chunky texture in the shimmery shadows.


The bottom line is this palette is a total flop. It cost about $6.99 which is cheap but also a waste of money for me as I know I won’t be using this. It takes a lot of time & effort to work with & even once you get it to apply nicely, it flakes off.

I highly recommend Jesse’s Girl products. Just not this one. Have you tried anything from Jesse’s Girl? Let me know what your favorites are!


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