My First Target Beauty Box (Summer 2015)

I have heard a million great things about the Target Beauty Boxes but never ordered one in time (they sell out fast)! I was thrilled to have gotten to order this one. For $5 & free shipping, I would have been crazy to pass it up! Today I want to share what was inside my box.

Let’s start with the things I am excited about & plan to keep.

The Herbal Essences Dry Oil Spray is basically the reason I bought the box. I believe it retails for about $5 & I had my eye on it anyway so this was the perfect opportunity. I’m excited to try it after I’ve finished off some of my current hair care products.

I haven’t tried too many lippies from Cover Girl so this seemed like a good opportunity. I was sent a peachy color called Give Me Guava, which was different than the pink that was shown on the site but I probably like this better than I would have liked the pink. It has a subtle shimmer but I can’t feel it; thank goodness.

I have used the Yes to Cucumber wipes, as well as other “Yes To” products before so I knew I’d like these. Besides, I can never have enough makeup wipes. These will be used for sure.

The pumice stone from The Bathery isn’t very exciting. Seems like a filler item but, hey, free is free. I like to take good care of my feet so I’m sure I’ll use this.

As far as the rest goes, I’ll be passing it along to other people in one way or another. I can’t see myself using the Fashion Tape. I never use colored elastics in my hair, just black. And even tho I love Wet ‘n Wild, I very rarely wear mascara because all of it irritates my eyes.

Overall, I’d say this box was absolutely worth $5. The Herbal Essences Dry Oil, alone, made it worth it for me since I wanted it anyway. The rest is just bonus & I’m happy to have gotten it.

Did you get this box or any other Target beauty box before? If not, does this make you want to? Leave me a comment!

3 thoughts on “My First Target Beauty Box (Summer 2015)

  1. If I lived closer to you I would totally ask for that fashion tape lol! I didn’t think I’d use it either but I used it on my blouse today and it was magical – I’m definitely going to buy more! My favorite items were the spray and wipes too!

    I definitely love getting Target Beauty Boxes but I passed on the one that came out today since there isn’t I was dying to use >.<

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