Tip Tuesday: You NEED Eye Shadow Primer

As a kid, I wore makeup on a day-to-day basis. I’m not sure how young I was when I started wearing it out in public but I was pretty young, possibly late elementary school. So, at a young age I discovered that nearly all eye shadows, whether cream or powder, cheap or expensive, all crease when you wear them on their own.

Creasing is when the eye shadow starts on your eye lids but, because of your skin’s natural oils, it ends up bunched up in the crease between your brow bone & eye lid. It’s not cute. Since I didn’t know what eye shadow primer was until around age 22, I just thought all my eye shadows were crappy or I had too oily of a face to wear it.  Turns out, that’s not the case at all.

Eye shadow primer is pretty easy to find. Almost every brand has one. ELF has one for $1. Wet ‘n Wild has an awesome one for $5. And of course, you can walk into Sephora & find dozens of primers in the high end price range. 

You only need a tiny bit of primer. You apply it to your lids & brow bone & let it set for about a minute. Then you apply your shadow as usual. 

Primer not only makes your shadow last longer. It makes the colors stick to your skin better, making them more vibrant. The fact of the matter is, almost ANY eye shadow becomes more pigmented & beautiful when applied over primer. That dollar store eye shadow you always think about throwing away because the color barely shows up? Try it over primer. You will be surprised at the difference it makes. 

Since discovering eye shadow primer, I never wear eye shadow without it. It saves me a ton of frustration. With primer, my shadow can last from 7 AM to midnight or longer. No more creasing!

Have you been living a primer-less life? Get some eye shadow primer; What are you waiting for? If you need help finding some, leave me a comment! 🙂


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