Tip Tuesday: Conditioning Oily Hair

I often hear friends say they don’t use conditioner. As a person who has fine, easily-tangled, long hair, the thought of not using conditioner makes me cringe. Yes, it’s an extra step & take a little extra shower time but the difference it makes in your hair is 100% worth it.

So, why is it that some people don’t use conditioner? The #1 reason I hear is that they have oily hair & are afraid  conditioner will make them look greasy.  It’s a reasonable fear but here’s the way to prevent it from happening.

Never apply conditioner near your roots. Your roots are naturally the oiliest part of your head. They moisturize themselves pretty well. Your ends are what you need to be concerned about. 

Apply conditioner starting from about your ear lobe & work your way down from there. That way, you’re moisturizing the part of your hair that needs it the most & you won’t end up with greasy roots. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll be surprised.


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