Drugstore Dupe for Benefit’s Dandelion Lip Gloss


I have a little sample of Benefit’s Dandelion lip gloss that I love but also ration because I think it’s too expensive to repurchase at full price ($16). Hey, what can I say; I’m kinda cheap. I’m especially cheap when it comes to lippies because I feel like there are SO many good drugstore lippies out there that it’s not necessary to spend a lot on one that’s high end, especially when you can find good dupes. Today I want to share the dupe that I accidentally found for Benefit’s Dandelion.


I recently received my first Target Beauty Box. In the box was a Cover Girl lip gloss in the shade 630 – Give me Guava. The other day I happened to be wearing Benefit’s Dandelion & was later swatching the Cover Girl Lip Gloss when it occurred to me that they were very similar. A side-by-side comparison of the tubes further-confirmed my theory.


Then I swatched the two side-by-side. They’re not EXACTLY the same color but they are really close, even closer on your lips. As far as the textures, I like the non-sticky texture of Benefit better. However, since I like the price tag of Cover Girl better, I won’t be TOO picky.

(Swatches – Top: Benefit, Bottom: Cover Girl)IMG_4985

Personally, I’m thrilled with how close these two shades are & will probably wear the heck out of the Cover Girl shade. What do you think? Are they close enough for you to call them dupes? Leave me a comment! 

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