Tip Tuesday: Don’t Pitch Your Leftover Hair Conditioner

If you’re crazy like me, your shampoo & conditioner always need to match. So if you run out of shampoo first, you’re stuck with some leftover conditioner you no longer want to use on your hair.  But don’t pitch the little bit left in that bottle.

Conditioner makes a great, moisturizing shaving cream. Sure, it won’t foam like shaving cream from a can. But if you’ve used the EOS brand shave cream in the pump bottle, you’ll know it doesn’t need to foam to be effective.

Doubtful? Give it a try. Your smooth, silky legs will thank you. And your wallet will thank you for being so frugal. 

2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Don’t Pitch Your Leftover Hair Conditioner

  1. Yikes, I had no idea people threw out their conditioner! I never really buy matching shampoo and conditioner sets (though I heard that they work better if they’re from the same line–don’t know if that’s true or not). That sounds so wasteful! Then again, I feel like I go through shampoo faster than conditioner since my hair is only shoulder-length or so. I haven’t bought shaving cream in years. Conditioner works just as well!

  2. Yes!!!!! I wax 80% of the time but I do shave now and then and use conditioner rather than shaving cream. I did get a few shaving creams in subscription boxes in the past and honestly did not notice much of difference from using those and a normal conditioner!

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