Tip Tuesday: Best Deep Conditioner EVER

If you’ve ever dyed your hair from a box, you’re familiar with the little tubes of contioner that come in the box. The box may tell you to use the entire tube right after you rinse out your hair dye. The truth is, the tube is usually a fairly large size to accomodate those with extra lengthy hair. 
Unless you have super long hair, you’ll probably have some left. If you have very short hair, you’ll have a lot left. Hang onto that tube because that conditioner is like liquid gold for your hair.

I don’t really know why the hair dye conditioner is so good except for the fact that it’s made to help minimize the damage of a harsh chemical process. But I know it’s better than normal deep conditioners. It’s totally worth using every now & then if you can get your hands on some.

Don’t dye your hair? Ask friends or family members who do. Or pay attention to clearance sections for super cheap hair dye. If it’s cheap enough, you could easily buy it just for the conditioner.

If you can’t get any & you’re not already using a deep conditioner of any kind, do take the time to browse the haircare section & find one. Almost every brand makes a deep conditioner. A weekly or monthly deep conditioner can make a world of difference in your hair health. 


One thought on “Tip Tuesday: Best Deep Conditioner EVER

  1. I never thought of this but it makes complete sense! I do a henna rinse every month and I think I’ll try and get my hands on a conditioner like this for those days! Thanks for the tip Denise!

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