Review: Sally Girl Eyeshadow (Soon to be Discontinued!)

When I heard my favorite blogger, Nouveau Cheap, mention that the Sally Girl eyeshadows were being discontinued, I knew I had to grab some before they were gone. Sally Girl is the in-house brand of Sally’s Beauty Supply. Their products are usually $.99 each. Since they’re being discontinued, they were even cheaper at $.69! 

I’ve only ever used one Sally Girl eyeshadow. It was a baked, frosty white that I used as a browbone highlight in college. It was a great shadow but frosty, metallic white isn’t the best everyday browbone highlight. Once I realized that, I discontinued using the shadow & probably pitched it. 

So, to start with, I grabbed 5 shades to try. I’ll describe each shade for you, specifically, but I can say that they’re all decent for less than a buck. They’re not rough or chalky at all. A few are powdery & have a lot of fallout. But overall, I can’t complain.

Blue Marine is a gorgeous duochrome green/blue shade. It’s buildable but at first swipe, it’s not as vibrant as I’d like. I used it as the base of a Saint Patrick’s Day look today. It’s on my outer corner & you can tell that it’s a very muted shade.

 Charcoal is one of the more pigmented shades. It’s still a bit more muted than I’d hope but it’s buildable. It’s a lovely color & unique in its own way.

Mauve is my favorite. It’s pigmented & vibrant with one layer. It’s even more impressive the more you build it.

Grapefruit is the biggest disappointment. It’s gorgeous in the package. But on the eyes, it’s more glitter than color. You can make it work with some time & effort.

Lilac is a matte light purple. It’s not extremely pigmented. It’s more of a light wash of color. It could be a good transition shade to compliment another look.

Overall, these are nice & the colors are unique enough that I’m glad to have them in my collection. I’ll probably go back for more colors. What do you think? Will you be heading out to Sally’s to grab these before they’re gone?

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