Battle of the Cooling Eye Sticks: Solutions 24 vs Tony Moly Panda’s Dream


Today I will be reviewing two very similar products. One is the Solutions 24 Clinical Puffy Eyes Corrector Stick. The other is the Tony Moly (Korean brand) Panda’s Dream which is a cooling eye moisturizer stick. 

Solutions 24 makes at least 3 eye sticks, suited for different skin issues. It is sold exclusively at Wal Mart. The sticks cost about $12 each & contain 1 ounce of product.

I first heard about this product in a video by YouTubers, Eleventh Gorgeous. They featured it in a sponsored video & spoke favorably of it. I bought this largely because of their recommendation.

The formula is tacky on the skin which makes is skip & drag when you’re applying it to your delicate undereye area. Once applied, it doesn’t sink into the skin. It remains sticky to the touch. 

I don’t think I ever saw Eleventh Gorgeous using this product since that sponsored video. I suspect I understand why. It’s not pleasant to use. I only used it two or three times before deciding it would be better suited for my trash can than my undereyes.

The Tony Moly Panda’s Dream can be purchased at both Ulta & Sephora. It is about $12 and contains 1.4 ounces of product. Needless to say, most people are initially attracted to this product for its cute, panda-shaped packaging.

This product applies like a dream. It glides on smoothly & sinks into your skin immediately. It is cooling, soothing, & refreshing. It’s rather addicting, as you want to apply it again & again.

I think it’s already clear which of these products I consider to be the winner. For the same price tag as Solutions 24 & more product, you can get the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream. It’s more easily accessible since it’s sold at multiple stores & online. 

I think every skincare junkie needs to try the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream. It’s a lovely little treat after a long, tiring day. And the package is adorable. If you give it a try, let me know! 


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