Tip Tuesday: Sometimes You Lose Weight By Being Happy



If you’re like me & you’re trying to lose weight 365 days out of the year, you know the frustration of water weight. Sometimes the scale is moving down neatly, pound-by-pound. Then suddenly, it jumps up 5 pounds overnight & stays there for a few weeks.

I’m still fascinated & frustrated by this phenomenon. And I’m still trying to figure out the quickest “cure.” But what worked last month, may not work this month.

However, one thing I’ve realized several times is this: Sometimes the quickest way to flush those extra pounds is to stop worrying about them, take a day off of obsessing over every calorie, & do something that makes you happy.

Now, there’s an actual science behind this that I’m not going to get into here. If you’re super curious, google “cortisol causes weight gain.” But the quickest, simplest explanation is that stress causes hormones that cause weight gain, often water weight.

Not convinced? Give it a try. Today, instead of being your own drill sergeant, be your own friend. Eat some cake & watch your favorite movie. Hang out with the person who makes you laugh the most. You might be surprised tomorrow when you step on the scale.  

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