Battle of the Blending Brushes: Sigma E35 vs Wet ‘n Wild Vegan Blending Brush


Today I’d like to compare two of the blending brushes in my makeup brush collection: Sigma’s E35 & Wet ‘n Wild’s blending brush from their new, vegan brush collection. They are similar in bristle length & density. They are similar in handle length. However, they are dramatically different.

The Sigma E35 has been my holy grail blending brush for over a year now. It’s not perfect but it’s the best one I’ve ever used for the type of eye looks I do the most. The bristle length & density is perfect. The handle length is perfect. 

My only complaint about the Sigma E35 is the softness of the bristles. They’re not super scratchy like the Morphe blending brushes I reviewed last year. They don’t hurt or anything. But they could definitely be softer. 

On the flip side, I find that the Wet ‘n Wild blending brush bristles are WAY too soft & silky. It affects the way it applies powder eye shadow. It lies down the color in a way that make it patchy & uneven.

I have tried the Wet ‘n Wild blending brush multiple times with multiple different shades of eye shadow & the result is always patchy & uneven. I want to love this brush because it’s super affordable ($.99) compared to the Sigma brush ($15). However, this brush is a major flop for me. I’ll be sticking to my Sigma brush.

I have not tried the other brushes from Wet ‘n Wild’s vegan line yet but I plan to. Super silky bristles don’t work well in a blending brush but they may work nicely in a face brush. I’m not ruling out this entire line, especially since so many people seem to love them.

If/when I try other brushes from this line, you’ll be the first to know. What about you? Have you tried any yet? Let me know your thougts! 

One thought on “Battle of the Blending Brushes: Sigma E35 vs Wet ‘n Wild Vegan Blending Brush

  1. Awesome comparison! I love my sigma brushes but I’ve also been curious about the WnW brushes too. After reading this, I think i’ll pass on the WnW one for now and just stick to what I have đŸ™‚

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