Review: Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay Mask

Today I will be reviewing the new “Freeman Feeling Beautiful” Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay Mask. I purchased this trial size package at Wal Mart for about $1.30. It also had a 50 cent coupon attached to it. Score! 

Upon spotting this mask, I knew I wanted to try it because I always love trying a new Freeman mask. But I was skeptical about the apple cider vinegar concept. In my mind, this mask was going to smell awful & probably sting my face & eyes.

Fortunately, both of my assumptions about this mask were wrong. This mask does not smell like vinegar at all. It smells delicious, like ripe, juicy apples. It doesn’t sting either. It was very soothing & did not leave my skin red or irritated, whatsoever. 

The look of this mask reminds me of pink icing. It goes on & dries like any other clay mask, except, it also has exfoliating particles in it that you can gently rub over your skin as you are washing it off. I really like that addition. 

I’m not sure why they chose to call this a “foaming” mask. It doesn’t really foam at any point. You can, however, work it into a later like a face wash as you wash it off. Maybe that’s what they were getting at. 

Overall, I do find this mask to be a good toner, cleanser, & exfoliant. It does everything it claims to do. And don’t be afraid of the vinegar ingredient. It’s mild, soothing, & smells delicious.

Cheers to Freeman for another great mask! Have you tried this one yet? Let me know what you think! 

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