Review: Tresemme Reverse System Shampoo & Conditioner


Today I will be reviewing a product sent to me free by Influenster, in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. Influenster sent me full-size samples of the shampoo & conditioner from Tresemme’s new “Reverse System.” The idea of this system is that you use the conditioner first & then the shampoo. This is not a new concept, as, beauty bloggers have been sharing this tip for some time now. However, Tresemme is the first company (that I’m aware of) to market their products to be used as such.

Why would I “reverse my routine,” you ask? The idea is that by using the conditioner first, you are still treating, untangling, & nourishing your hair, but you aren’t weighing it down. By washing the conditioner out, you are supposed to achieve more volume & overall cleaner, fresher-looking hair.

In theory, this idea makes sense. And for the right hair type, I’m sure it works great. Unfortunately for me, my hair is so thin & fine, there isn’t really much hope of any product giving me volume. I just don’t have enough hair to work with. For you thick-haired girls, this may work wonders for you.

Another downside of this product for me is that my hair, because it’s so fine, is also easily-damaged. And because of this, I find that I need to provide it with as much TLC, moisture, & softness as I can get. Therefore, I really need to apply conditioner after shampooing or my hair is dry & more fragile.

My one real criticism of this product is the choice of having different bottle sizes. The shampoo is a whopping 25 ounces but the conditioner is only 16.5 ounces. That means most of us are going to run out of conditioner way before we finish the shampoo. The bottle recommends 3 or 4 pumps of conditioner but if your hair is as long as mine, you’re probably going to need 7 0r 8, at least.

All-in-all, this product just isn’t for me. I used it a handful of times & then passed it onto my thick-haired best friend to try. Hopefully she has better luck.

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