Revlon Kiss Balm in Fresh Strawberry & Berry Burst 2016 Swatches & Review

If you’re anything like me, we have two things in common. We get really excited about new drugstore products, especially tinted lip balms. But we like to search for swatches from other people before we pick our shades.

The other day I finally found the new Kiss Balms from Revlon. I found them at Rite Aid for $4.99 each. Google searching for some swatches gave me zero results. Since I couldn’t find swatches, I took a chance on the two shades I thought would suit me best & decided to swatch them for you to help you decide. 

The other color options in the display included 2 reds (apple & cherry), a peach (peach), & a clear (coconut). There is supposed to be another color in this line, a pomegranate shade, but it was not included in the Rite Aid display. I assume that color will be available at Wal Mart.

As for my review, these have a nice, light color payoff. Not too dramatic but not clear, by any means. For me, it’s a perfect amount of pigment for this type of product.

These smell great. They do have a slight taste. But if you’re like me & HATE lippies that have taste to them, take comfort that the taste fades almost instantly. 

The texture is similar to Maybelline Baby Lips but maybe a tad bit thicker. To me, Baby Lips are too thin & wattery. These seem to provide a moderate amount of moisture.

My final verdict is that these are nothing amazing but they’re great if you love tinted lip balms. The price is fair at $4.99, especially if you can catch them on a 40% off or BOGO50% off sale or use a coupon. I’d say definitely pick one up & see for yourself. 

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