Setting Water Goals: Do You Know How Much Water You SHOULD Be Drinking?

Do you know how much water you should be drinking every day? Your first instinct may be to say eight 8-ounce glasses per day. That’s what we all grew up hearing, right?

A quick google search of the question at hand will reveal that the 8×8 theory is actually outdated. New research suggests that there is no cookie cutter answer to the question. Instead, there is a formula.

The formula for knowing how much water you should be drinking is very simple. Divide your body weight in half. Half of whatever you weigh is how many ounces you should be drinking per day. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to be drinking 100 ounces. Pretty straight-forward. 

If you’re like me, you may be wondering if coffee counts toward your goal. I’ve heard a lot of different answers to that question over the years, but the answer I like best comes from this post. I recommend you check it out to read all the details, but the short answer is, yes. Coffee counts.   

Some people like to set flat goals for themselves like drinking a gallon per day. That’s a good goal as well (tho be prepared for frequent bathroom breaks). Really, just upping your intake to more than you currently drink is a good place to start, no matter what. 

This week I’m starting to aim for a gallon a day to help control cravings & aid with my weight loss. It’s been going well so far. Wish me luck! If you’re currently working on a water goal, yourself, let me know how you’re doing too. 

5 thoughts on “Setting Water Goals: Do You Know How Much Water You SHOULD Be Drinking?

  1. I try to consume a gallon everyday. The hardest part is coming up with a system to do it, because nobody wants to carry around a gallon jug. What I have done is buy 4 of those 1 liter smart water bottles. I have two in my office at school that I try to consume before leaving work every day. I have one in my gym bag that I easily drink while working out. This way I only have to drink one when I get home in the evening, which is really easy to do with dinner.

    Also, this is too good to not share:

    • It actually sounds like you have a great system, especially if it’s worked for you enough for you to be consistent. I bought some 50 ounce bottles from Rite Aid that I’m refilling because keeping a gallon jug in the fridge takes up so much room & also tends to be psychologically intimidating. I’ll be sure to check out that link.

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