Hi. My name’s Denise. I’m 27 years old. I love makeup, fashion, & all things beauty. I also struggle with my weight. I am currently implementing lifestyle changes to put an end to that struggle. Over the past few years, I’ve lost over 80 pounds and plan to continue losing weight & becoming a healthier person. In the summer of 2012, I started having health issues, no doubt because of my unhealthy lifestyle & food choices. I developed a stomach ulcer, Acid Reflux Disease, & became really depressed about the state of my health & overall self esteem. I set out to teach myself how to be a healthier person & to try & cure myself without having to start a course of scary medication at such a young age. Since then, I’m happy to say that I have cured my ulcer, have far less severe episodes of Acid Reflux, & have changed my attitude about life completely. In this blog, I want to share the things I have learned so far that have helped me, as well as things I am currently learning. I’m by no means, a health expert, but I have learned a tremendous amount of things that have helped me & my health. On this blog, I will be discussing healthy eating, exercise, makeup, fashion, & anything else that I have learned to help me build my self esteem. I will be sharing ways for us as women to embrace our beauty beyond the scale.

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  1. Amazing Denise! I cannot wait to see you grow as an individual and as a blogger. ❤ You're such an inspiration and look forward to see your insight about everything beauty, fashion and health. xox

  2. I am really chuffed to have found your blog, Denise. I admire your writing style. You’re very witty. And, your writing is incredibly easy to read. And, very more-ish.
    My Dad suffers from acid reflux also. I do hope I find a post of yours that addresses that. Have you written about that subject? I hope you don’t mind me asking, if it’s too personal a question, that is. Oh, and, we’re a similar age. I’m 23 this week. I’m basically gonna just spend my evening browsing through your archives now, I hope you don’t mind, ha. 🙂

    Christina x

    • That’s very sweet & truly means so much to me. I often wonder if anyone is genuinely reading what I’ve written or if it’s a lot of people just looking at swatches or skimming the posts. Glad to know you’re reading. 🙂 I’ve never written about the acid reflux. I wasn’t sure if it was a topic people would be interested in or not. Tho I should probably cover it at some point, regardless. Thank you, again, for taking the time to leave me these lovely comments.

  3. Thought I’d stop by and say thanks for all the support 🙂 I’m a big big fan of your writing, and since I’ve embarked on a new fitness regime recently your posts have been a real inspiration (still waiting for my whoosh hehe). I’ve had so many issues with food in the past as well – and have just got rid of a stomach ulcer, so I can relate. Yay to rebuilding self esteem! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you SO much! I’m a fan of your blog as well! Glad to hear your ulcer has healed (or is healing). They’re definitely no fun! But they’re also a pretty good kick in the butt to remind us that we’re not being wise about what goes into our bodies. I feel like mine was a much-needed wakeup call. Best of luck with your health journey! 🙂

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